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Last Updated: May 07, 2021

Pursuing a degree in Chemistry

Chemistry is a part of life, even when it goes unnoticed until the subject gets introduced in middle school. In layman's terms, chemistry is a scientific discipline that is concerned with the study of various kinds of atoms, compounds, molecules, and the reactions they form when brought together. Whenever there is a reaction, something is formed which gives more depth to the field of chemistry.

Benefits of pursuing a degree in Chemistry

Chemistry is a very lucrative field of study. There are numerous benefits to studying chemistry, however, they increase only when a student has completed their advanced degrees in chemistry. In order to have an advanced degree in chemistry, students must have an undergraduate degree in the field first. Below is a list of all the benefits of pursuing a chemistry degree from the get-go.

Undergraduate degree in Chemistry

At the undergraduate level, universities offer either a degree in the form of B.A. (Bachelors in Arts) or B.Sc. (Bachelors in Science) in chemistry. Quite a few universities might offer a degree in chemistry and biology, which is a good start for biotechnology and medical school.

Students learn the basics of chemistry at the undergraduate level, which is not entirely theory-based as it is mixed with lab activities and engagement as well. However, that experience is not counted towards any practical experience that is provided at the bachelor's level.

Graduate degree in Chemistry

At the graduate level, students can either opt for an M.Sc. (Masters in Science) or a Ph.D. (Doctor in Philosophy). A majority of universities in the US provide a degree in which the student enrolls in a Ph.D. program directly. Students can choose the option to be awarded a master's degree while completing their Ph.D. degree by putting a request to the university. At the graduate level, students learn the application of the theory they have learned, as well as lab experiments, become more independent rather than following a particular study.

The focus of chemistry narrows to a particular subject area, rather than being a general field of study.

Top universities for Chemistry

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Stanford University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)

University of California (Berkley)

University of Pennsylvania

Career options

After obtaining an advanced degree in chemistry, students can look for job opportunities in the following fields:

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