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Last Updated: June 09, 2022

Taking a Communications Technology Degree

Communications Technology is a field that deals with problems relating to effectively processing information and communicating through the use of technology. Candidates will be learning about the effective uses of technology to enhance the efficiency of communication within business industries. Similar to information technology, students will have to learn about designing solutions and creating systems to increase the efficiency of information with the only difference being that this information will strictly be about communication.

This is an interdisciplinary field of study which focuses not only on communication but also on information and technology. A major in this subject will allow them to have diverse career options in art, business, and even administrative work industries.

Benefits of Studying Communications Technology

Taking a degree in communications technology allows students to learn about all kinds of technologies that are involved in telecommunications, data management, and the internet as long as they are involved in communication. Most programs in the field involve information and hence allow candidates to work in fields like IT, Communications, and in careers that use both these fields. Since the demand for people from this field is increasing, one will be able to find careers that suit their interests and needs easily after completing a degree program.

Candidates don't have to seek advanced higher education in the field since most career options will allow them to climb the ladder with a bachelor’s degree or less.

Admission Requirements for Communications Technology

The admission requirements for a communications technology program are dependent on the level of education one is attending and the institution they have chosen to go to. But at the same time, most institutions will have a few general admission requirements that everyone must adhere to if they require higher education in this field. These requirements include-

Popular Degrees for Communications Technology

The most popular degrees along with their details are as follows-
DegreeDurationApprox. Credits
Associate Degree in Communications Technology2 years60 credit hours
Bachelor’s in Communications Technology 3-4 years120 credit hours
Master’s in Communications Technology 1-3 years50-70 credit hours

Undergraduate Programs for Communications Technology

Associate Degree in Communications Technology

Since this is a multidisciplinary course, most candidates take an associate degree in this field. This degree is helpful for those who wish to pursue a career as soon as they have completed their education. This program will have a duration of 2 years only and they will be dealing with work-related educational courses within the field. The programs that one is taught within the field include programming, security, computer operating systems, etc.

BS in Communications Technology

Most students who take up communications programs as their undergraduate degree will end up taking communications technology as their major. This is a popular major since it encompasses all systemic communication processes and their technological involvement which is required in most communication-related career options. An undergraduate program in communications technology can have a duration of 3 to 4 years depending on the institution and students will also be allowed to take up other minor subjects that are relevant to this field of study as part of the course.

Concentrations Offered for BS in Communications Technology

A few concentrations that are offered for communications technology include-

Core Course for BS in Communications Technology

The core courses for a BS degree in Communications Technology can vary from institution to institution depending on what subject area they wish to project. A few of the courses that overlap in institutions include-

Postgraduate Programs for Communications Technology

Taking an advanced degree in communications technology can provide candidates with an edge while seeking better career options. But at the same time, around 43% of those employed within this sector only have a bachelor’s degree or below in this field making it completely plausible for candidates to get good jobs without taking a postgraduate degree in the field. This is especially because candidates who wish to take up research will have to focus on one area within this field as doctoral programs are not present for the same.

MS programs generally have a duration of 2 years in this field and students will learn topics that are inclusive of areas like information technology and telecommunications depending on the institution. Candidates don’t need to have a degree in communications technology to take up an MS in this field. They could have studied information technology, computer science, or any communication-related field to excel in the postgraduate program.

Core Courses for MS in Communications Technology

The core courses offered for MS programs under Information and Communication Technology will vary from institution to institution. Most often, these programs will have additional tags in their titles to include systems and management which are all areas of importance within the field. A few of the courses one might have to learn include- Most of the MS degrees provided for Communications Technology will be under the title Information and Communication Technology providing candidates with a core area of information technology as well.

Doctoral Programs for Communications Technology

The field of communication technology does not have a doctorate considering the vastness of the field. Candidates will be able to take doctorates in Public Communication and Technology or Information and Communications Technology/ Information Technology. In such fields, one will be able to learn about technical communication, public relations, cognitive-communication, health communication, etc.

Top Universities for Communications Technology

A few of the best universities offering a degree in Communications Technology include-

High Paying Career Options

Candidates who have completed a degree in communications technology generally tend to work in departments relating to arts, design, entertainment, sports, and other media-related occupations. But apart from this, they are also known to pursue careers in the field of management, sales, and administrative support positions depending on their interests. Typically, one only requires a bachelor’s degree to take up job roles in this field of occupation. The median wage for all occupations in this field is around $45,000. Around 15% of the people in this field have taken up part-time jobs and 43% of them have only bachelor’s degrees. Only 13% of those working in this field have an advanced degree.

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