Masters in data analytics in the USA - Top programs, admission process, fees, career options

With 6.4 billion connected devices, Information Technologies is more than ever in the limelight. This figure can reach 21 billion in 2020 according to forecasts, Data professionals, in charge of the management, organization, and analysis of data generated by the use of these connected objects, become very strong profiles.

To be able to analyze and exploit this unstructured and increasingly exponentially collected data, 65% of companies say they are looking for profiles with management and management skills for "Big Data.

The Data Scientist and the Big Data experts are among the most demanded profiles of the moment. The social network for LinkedIn professionals, already on its list of the 25 most demanded professionals of 2019, included the Data Scientist in the lead, and the consultant McKinsey calculates that, by 2020, the US can face a severe problem of scarcity of professionals with skills for the analysis and management of large volumes of data and make strategic business decisions.

Who Is This Study Program For?

The Master in Data Science is offered in response to the growing need for professionals who can extract useful knowledge from the sources of information that support the business objectives through data analysis. The Master in Data Science is aimed at professionals who have the ambition to work as a Data Scientist as well as those who want to turn their professional career towards data analytics, Big Data, and Business Intelligence.

What You Will Learn?

The Master in Data Analysis in the USA has as its main objectives to provide professionals and managers with the keys to the management of the information systems of an organization or company, especially in the environment of Big Data or large volumes of data.

In recent years, because of the digitalization of business, and boom in the field of mobile devices, companies are leading an exponential growth in the data they generate. In this sense, the management of these large volumes of data becomes essential for the improvement of business efficiency. Having a strategy that allows them to capture, store, organize, integrate, manage, and use this data is necessary for many organizations.

Gradually, companies are becoming aware of the possibilities it offers. The reality is that, in addition to creating an architecture that is capable of collecting and storing large volumes of data, it is essential to separate what is relevant from what is not. The key is to understand what the data tells us and get the most out of it to improve the efficiency of the company.

Study Tasks You Have To Perform

This Master in Data Management and Technological Innovation from American Universities provides the necessary knowledge to manage information systems based on large databases (Big Data). The training program is divided into five blocks of content, which will cover everything related to Data Management, systems architecture, and technology for Big Data, Business Intelligence and Business Analytics for Big Data and the management of technological projects, as well such as existing regulations on data management, among others.

Likewise, students must also develop a final master's project, where all aspects related to the development and management of a project related to information technologies must be taken into account. In it, they must apply the measures and business policies that they consider most appropriate to achieve the objectives related to the area of Data Management.

After completing the studies of the Big Data Analytics Master's program, students will be able to direct their professional career towards various fields and profiles, such as:

What is the salary of a Data Scientist? Are there many job offers?

In 2018, Big Data continued to dominate the US job market. Once again, Glassdoor places Data Scientists at the top of its list of top 50 trades. Then come DevOps engineers and Data Technicians.

The job of Data Scientist is considered the best paid and the most satisfying and the most sought after. The average salary for a US Data Scientist is $ 110,000. Besides, despite the appearance of numerous training courses, companies still struggle to find sufficiently qualified profiles.

Is the job of Data Analyst at risk of disappearing?

According to a report published by Gartner Inc., more than 40% of the tasks performed by a Data Scientist will be automated by 2020. As a result, the productivity of Data Scientists will increase significantly.

Gartner defines citizen data scientists as people who create or generate models using advanced diagnostic tools or predictive tools, but whose primary function is not related to the field of statistics and analytics. These people can narrow the gap between the self-service analytical tools used by companies, and the advanced analytical techniques used by Data Scientists.

The data science is now a coveted asset for most companies, and that is why the vendors of software platforms or data analyze seek primarily to simplify the automation of various tasks such as data integration and model creation. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that the job of the Data Scientist is replaced by artificial intelligence.

What Is The Best University For Computer Science In USA?

Around the world, many Data Scientist or Big Data Analyst jobs are available. Demand is much higher because these trades require specialized and specific skills. To develop qualified profiles, there are more and more training courses. Discover the six best Universities dedicated to Data Analytics in the USA.

Stanford University

Stanford University, one of Silicon Valley's leading training institutions, offers a master's degree in Data Science and Data Analytics focused on corporate Big Data. This is an optimal training for people wishing to create or join a startup. Here, you will learn the concepts related to Business Intelligence, Statistical Modeling, Computing with Data, Data Mining, and so on. The application fee is $125, and the tuition fee is $133,000.

General Requirements:
-- Applicants must have a background in Computer Sciences
-- Applicants must meet the GRE/TOEFL score.

University of California - San Diego

The Rady School of Management at the University of California, San Diego offers extensive and comprehensive training in Business Analytics. The application fee is $105, and the tuition fee for International Students is $56,000.

General Requirements:
-- Applicants must have a background in Computer Sciences
-- Applicants must meet the IELTS score of 7.0, GPA of 3.0, and GRE/TOEFL of 100

Northwestern University

The McCormick School at Northwestern University, located in the northern suburbs of Chicago, offers an excellent degree in analytics. It is also well-known for its business and journalism training, fields that can eventually bring additional managerial or data reporter skills. The tuition fee for this program is $19,000 per quarter.

General Requirements:
-- Applicants must have a background in Computer Sciences
-- Applicants must meet the GRE/TOEFL score.

North Carolina State University

It was at the State University of North Carolina that SAS was invented. In other words, this institution has been familiar for a long time with data processing and analysis. Also, companies at the North Carolina Research Triangle are ensuring immediate prospects for future Data Analysts. The tuition fee for the North Carolina Students is $24,250, and for international students, the tuition fee is $46,000.

General Requirements:
-- Applicants must have a background in Computing.
-- Applicants must meet the GRE/TOEFL score.

Indiana University – Bloomington

Indiana University's main campus in Bloomington is home to the School of Informatics and Computing. Students can get a master's degree in data science at just 30 credit hours. In addition, this University is renowned for training excellent managers. The application fee is $65, and the tuition fee is $44,000.

General Requirements:
-- Applicants must have a background in Mathematics and Computing.
-- Applicants must meet the GRE/TOEFL score. University of Massachusetts - Amherst Considered to be one of the top research universities in Massachusetts, Amherst University offers excellent training in data science. The application fee is $75, and the tuition fee is approx $18,000.

General Requirements:
-- Applicants must have a strng background in Computer Science.
-- Applicants must meet the GRE/TOEFL score set by the University.

What is the Admission Process of Masters in Data Analytics in the USA?

To get admission in Masters in Data Analytics in the USA, you have to meet the following requirements:

Being an international student, you should have an overall score of 100 or more in TOEFL, set by University guidelines or must have a 7.0 score in IELTS.

You must be graduated in Computer Sciences or Data Analytics under a reputed University. To get more detailed information about the admission process, you have to visit the official website of the University.

Hence, the idea of this online master's degree is to train professionals in Data Management and Big Data who can know their impact on organizations, identifying the benefits that their adoption can bring. Likewise, students who finish the course successfully will be able to familiarize themselves with the hardware and software architectures available in the market, carry out a Big Data project and learn about various techniques for data processing, as well as correctly manage the legal implications of the use of data, and in relation to your privacy, security and protection.

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