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Last Updated: August 24, 2021

Top 10 Computer Science Programs in Texas

Candidates who wish to study computer science in the state of Texas will be fascinated by the kind of prospects they can receive by studying there. This is due to the fact that the IT industry in Texas has been blooming over the past decade with a promised future growth that is substantial in nature. This growth in the IT industry has led to universities and colleges offering candidates with the specializations that are most sought after in the job market thereby letting candidates both study and eventually work in the same state while receiving a high salary.

Texas is one of the states that has been providing the maximum number of job opportunities to candidates especially within the IT and Business sectors. It is also the 9th largest economy in the world. The state has over 17,600 technology firms with the latest investments being made by companies like Apple, Wipro, and even Amazon. Candidates who work in the IT sector irrespective of their field earned an annual wage ranging between $67,000 to $174,941 depending upon their experience and specialization.

The statistical information associated with the growth of the IT industry in the state has been bringing in students from all over the country to pursue a computer science degree in the state. By choosing to study in Texas, candidates are ensuring that they will be able to start off as students doing internships rather than having to look for career options as fresh graduates after course completion from other states.

Studying Computer Science in Texas

While planning to study a course like Computer Science, candidates must begin their research by finding the field of work they want to eventually choose. But at the same time, the availability of the specialization they want to choose and the job prospects associated with it must not be ignored. Clubbing these factors, candidates will have to find a place that has a reasonable cost of living and internship/career prospects they can receive after the course completion. This is where a state like Texas steps in with its colleges and universities providing the most popular specializations along with the best job prospects one can possibly find in the world.

The state of Texas is said to have the best of both the country and the city thereby merging two lifestyles that can suit any outsider. Candidates who wish to study in Texas will be able to find innumerable recreational activities along with a large number of restaurants, music venues, state parks, and even wineries. The place will offer candidates the space to explore the state and at the same time build their career by providing them high-quality education that is relevant for the times.

Top Colleges for Computer Science in Texas

The best rated colleges for computer science in the state of Texas by the US news are as follows-

University of Texas

This university offers a CS program that has a revamped syllabus that acknowledges the vastness of the subject. This includes a 4-step approach to the subject in their undergrad education with the syllabus focusing on core CS classes, programming, systems, and theory in all. The university offers candidates with three different 5-year programs along with Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Science and Arts degrees.

Though the core subjects are computer science, mathematics, additional science, and foreign language, the degrees have different numbers of credit hours required for each of these courses. Computer science majors who wish to specialize in a particular area will be able to do so without increasing their time for degree completion. The specializations/concentrations offered by this university are big data, computer systems, cybersecurity, game development, machine learning & artificial intelligence, and mobile computing.

Rice University

The computer science department of Rice University offers both BA and BS in the subject. They also offer a 5-year integrated program for students who wish to complete their bachelor's and masters in one go. They also offer masters in data science and computer science. The courses they deal with in their undergraduate degree include subjects like statistics, mathematics, physics, program design, computer systems, parallel programming, computational thinking, operational systems, etc. The master’s programs offered in the university are professional degrees taught in both online and offline formats.

Texas A&M University- College Station

This institution offers undergraduate degrees like BS in Computer Science, and BA in Computing along with a minor in computer science and game design. These programs have a total duration of 4 years in all and it focuses on subjects like mathematics, statistics, computing, and science. Candidates who are majoring in computer science will be able to take up electives as their specialization. The specializations offered are-

University of Texas- Dallas

This university offers candidates with an undergraduate degree in computer science along with the option of taking minors in computer science and information assurance. In order to complete a BS in Computer Science, candidates will have to complete 124 semester credit hours in all. The course offers candidates the option of taking major electives for 9 credit hours in all in subjects like- Candidates who have taken up other subjects as their major will be able to take a minor in computer science by completing 21 credit hours in the subject. A few of the courses they will have to learn if they take a minor are-

University of Texas- Arlington

This university offers a BS and MS in Computer Science along with a minor in CS for candidates who have taken up other subjects. In order to get a BS in CS, candidates will have to complete a 123-hour curriculum. While doing a major in CS, candidates will have to learn subjects like Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Discrete Structures, Computer Organization, Computer Networks, etc. along with other subjects under general education, mathematics, science, and engineering. They will also have an option of taking up 5 electives with at least one elective done in

Other Top Computer Science Colleges

A few other colleges that offer the best available options in computer science are as follows-

University of Houston

This university offers candidates the option of various undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs focused mainly on the theory, design, and development of systems and networks. The programs otherwise focus on game design, computer graphics, software engineering, artificial intelligence, etc. Among undergraduate studies, they offer courses like- BS in computer science, accelerated BS/MS, Minors in both computer science and data science.

Their MS programs offer candidates with a thesis and non-thesis option where candidates can specialize in a field within computer science of their choice. They focus on theory, systems, data analytics, parallel and distributed systems, and interactive media.

Southern Methodist University

This university offers candidates the option of doing undergraduate, postgraduate, and research options. They also offer candidates the choice of doing an MS in computer science along with an MBA as a dual degree program. Among undergraduate programs, they offer BA and BS in computer science, a minor in computer science, and a joint degree program where candidates can do a BA in computer science along with a BA in another subject.

While pursuing a master’s degree in computer science, candidates will be able to specialize in a field of their choice. They offer courses like MS in software engineering, MS in cybersecurity, and an online MS in computer science with a specialization in artificial intelligence. They also offer an online program for MS in cybersecurity.

Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University offers undergraduate, postgraduate, research programs to aspirant candidates. They offer a BS in computer science with a focus on subjects like algorithm design, programming languages, computer graphics, operating systems, etc. They focus on research in fields like program prototyping, haptic systems, computer vision, etc.

Among MS programs, they offer programs like- MS in computer science and MS in software engineering along with a certificate course in software engineering and a Ph.D. in computer science. The MS programs can be done with a thesis and a non-thesis option based on the interest of the candidate.

University of Texas- San Antonio

This university offers candidates with BS and BA options for an undergraduate degree where the BS program focuses on subjects like cybersecurity, cloud and systems, software engineering, and data science. The courses include subjects like microcomputer applications, computer programming, game programming, data analysis, and visualization, etc.

Among master’s degree programs, they offer MS in computer science and MS in cybersecurity science. These courses include courses like programming, data structures, discrete mathematics, algorithms, application programming, etc.

University of North Texas

The University of North Texas offers candidates with multiple options at an undergraduate level including BA in information technology, BS in computer engineering, BS in computer science, BS in cybersecurity, BS in BIS + CS along with a minor in computer science. Apart from these, they offer certificate programs in cybersecurity, game programming, and computer science teaching.

Among graduate programs, they offer MS in artificial intelligence, MS in computer engineering, MS in computer science, and MS in cybersecurity. The courses they deal with include- software engineering, programming languages, computer design, algorithms, graph theory, etc. They also offer research programs for aspiring candidates.

Top Computer Science Programs in Texas

The best programs in the universities that have been ranked highest are as follows-

BS in Computer Science- University of Texas

The BS program in CS is one of the main reasons due to which the University of Texas has been ranked among the top 10 universities for computer science by the US news. Though the university offers a BA and a BSA apart from a BS for computer science, this course contains coursework in a considerably larger amount with respect to the technical content. Candidates who have enrolled for the course must complete a total of 120 hours in coursework in order to complete the degree. The estimated cost of attendance for the summer semester or for 12 credit hours is $11,022.

In order to enroll for the degree, candidates will require an average ACT score of 30-31 or an average SAT score of 1366-1391. The candidates will have to apply directly to the school of natural sciences and opt for the computer science degree by filling in the Apply Texas form offered by the university. The application fee is $75 along with which candidates will have to submit an essay, their transcripts, and the short answers provided in the form.

While most specializations are offered to graduate students, candidates will still be able to choose and work on a few specializations during their undergraduate degree. The most sought-out specializations offered by the university are-

BA in Computer Science- University of Texas

While this course might seem similar to BS in Computer Science, the core course elements and the course format are different when compared to the latter. This course deals with 120 credit hours in all that is divided between general education, Liberal Arts, mathematics, sciences, and computer science in all instead of focusing more on the technical aspects of computer science.

Candidates who take this course choose to take computer science as their major where they will learn mathematics and computer science in detail with an emphasis on theory, programming, and systems. Candidates will have to pay an estimated fee of $11,022 for every 12 credits they take and they will be required to take 10-14 hours of mathematics and 41 hours of computer science compulsorily.

The eligibility requirements for applying include transcripts, statement of purpose/essay, completed short answers in the application form, and ACT/SAT scores. The ACT score requires is around 30-31 whereas the SAT score required is around 1366-1399 for the entire College of Natural Sciences. The application form will be available for candidates for a nominal fee of $75.

BS in Computer Science- Rice University

A Bachelor’s in Science Degree in the subject of Computer Science requires a total of 128-9 credit hours where the candidate must complete a major and the degree program. They should be able to maintain a GPA of 2 or above in order to complete their degree. The ways in which they can split the credits are by taking 23-25 courses for their major, 128-129 credit hours for their degree (comprising of the major requirement), and 14 courses which are equal to or above 300 in level.

In order to get admission to the university, candidates will have to fill in the Common Application which can be collected by paying $75. They will have to submit their transcript and letters of recommendation along with the duly filled application form. The tuition fee for doing a bachelor’s degree at Rice University is estimated to be around $71,745 though they offer freshman aid packages which will reduce the amount to $18,057 per year.

Candidates who have enrolled for the program will be able to choose their electives from the following options-

BS in Computer Science- Texas A&M University

This program has a four-year duration with a syllabus similar to that of engineering. It focuses mainly on the subjects like mathematics, statistics, computing, science, and English with the students being required to take a concentration from another department while they major in computer science. The areas within computer science that they will have to deal with include algorithms and theory, computer systems, software, and information and intelligent systems. The total number of credit hours for degree completion is set at 126 for the program.

The admission requirements for a BS in CS include a duly filled application form purchased for $75 along with an essay, self-reported academic record, SAT/ACT scores, and letters of recommendation. The tuition fee for a year is estimated to be around $27,000 considering both the fall and spring semesters but this is subject to variation.

Candidates have the option of choosing electives while they are doing the course. The electives offered for computer science students include-

BS in Computer Science- University of Texas(Dallas)

This program has its base in subjects like mathematics, algorithms and data structures, modern programming methodologies, automata theory, software validation, etc. The course requires candidates to complete 42 semester credit hours for the core curriculum and 72 credit hours for their major. Additionally, they will require 10 semester credit hours as part of their elective requirements. The tuition fee per semester for a maximum of 15 credits is estimated to be $8,332.

Candidates will be able to take electives during the duration of the course. The electives that are offered are-

Computer Science Degree Programs