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Last Updated: August 24, 2021

Top 15 Computer Science Programs in New York

Candidates who choose to study computer science often choose this field either due to their vested interest in the field or due to the career advancements that are promised within this field of study both academically and professionally. The computer and IT industry have been growing profoundly since the past few decades with more and more specializations being offered by institutions as concentrations and electives through which candidates can get specialized and high-paying jobs.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of computer and information technology is supposed to have a growth rate of 11% at least between 2019 to 2029. This rate is higher than the average of most other fields that are prominent within the job market. New York has more than 299 institutions with a lot of prominent institutions being part of the list. Universities like Cornell, Columbia, and New York rank among the highest for most courses.

Almost 6.9% of the population in the city work in the tech industry within the state and the economic impact of the state has been calculated to be around $135 billion. Candidates who study computer science in New York will have increased opportunities for internships and jobs. This is generally because the Tech industry within the state provides candidates with a higher median salary than the national average.

Studying Computer Science in New York

Studying computer science in New York provides candidates with the added advantage of getting internship opportunities during the duration of the course. These candidates will also be able to find good mentors and even entry-level positions at various prominent companies. While studying in New York, the candidates will be introduced to the cultural varsity within the state allowing them to create networks that can benefit them in their future prospects.

Out of the 2,679 colleges the country has for similar fields of study, there are 234 colleges within New York itself that provide undergraduate programs in computer science. The concentrations that are offered in the institutions within the state correlates to the prominent fields that are sought after by the tech giants. These specializations include software engineering, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

One of the factors that candidates will have to look into while applying to an institution in New York is that of the cost of living. The cost of living that the candidates will have to account for will be separate from their cost of attendance which will already be a considerably high amount when compared to other fields of study. While the national average for living costs index score is estimated to be around 100, the index score for the cost of living in New York is estimated to be 139.1. New York ranks fifth in the country when considering the cost of living. Candidates will have to look for financial aid or scholarships as an ideal means for pursuing their education in the state.

Top Colleges for Computer Science in New York

The top colleges for computer science in New York according to the US news for the year 2021 are-

Cornell University

The computer science department at Cornell University offers computer science as a major, under the field of engineering, and as an art and science course. Candidates who take the course as a major will have the option of taking both general electives and technical electives. There is also an Honors program that candidates will be able to complete. While taking a major in computer science, candidates will be learning topics like algorithms, data structures, logic, programming languages, systems, and theory. The electives offered by the department for both the courses are for subjects like artificial intelligence, computer vision, databases, etc.

Columbia University

The department of computer science at Columbia University offers undergraduate, MS, and Ph.D. courses for aspiring candidates. They offer both BS and BA courses as part of their undergraduate programs where one comes under sciences and the other under arts. They offer their undergraduate courses through the four schools, namely, Columbia College, Barnard College, School of Engineering and Applied Science, and School of General Studies. The application procedure for each of these courses varies according to the institution.

For the MS program, candidates will be able to learn topics like software engineering, theory, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc., and will have different fields like computer security, machine learning, network systems, etc. to choose from.

New York University

The computer science department from New York University provides computer science courses at undergraduate, post-graduate, and research levels. They offer CS Major and CS Minor as part of their undergraduate level and an MS degree at their postgraduate level. The areas of research offered under computer science include algorithms, computational biology, graphics/vision/user interface, machine learning, scientific computing, etc.

This campus has different centers for different fields of study under computer science. These centers are for data science, media and games network, technology development and economics, and genomics and systems biology.

University of Rochester

This university offers candidates with undergraduate, graduate, and research programs in computer science. The undergraduate programs let students take computer science either as their minor or major. Candidates can take either a BA or a BS in computer science where the university focuses on the principles of computer science and mathematics.

The MS program offered by the university includes topics like programming languages, computer systems, algorithms, computer architecture, artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, etc. The fields in which candidates can research within the university include topics like systems research, theory research, artificial intelligence, and human-computer interaction.

University of Buffalo- SUNY

This university offers a BS in computer science, BS in computer engineering, BA in computer engineering, BA in computer science, etc. The university also offers MS degrees in computer science and engineering, computational linguistics, geographic information science, and other advanced certification courses. The campus also offers Ph.D. options for candidates.

The research areas that are available in the department of computer science and engineering include computer security and information assurance, artificial intelligence and machine learning, computing education, cyber-physical systems, data mining, and data science, etc. The vastness in the fields offered for candidates makes it one of the most coveted institutions.

Other Top Colleges for Computer Science in New York

The following universities are among the top-rated universities and colleges that offer courses in computer science-

Stony Brook University-SUNY

This university offers two undergraduate programs, namely, BS in CSE and BS in ISE where CSE is computer science and ISE is information systems. They also let candidates take up minors in computer science and information systems. The specializations offered are in fields like game programming, information assurance, data science, etc.

Among master’s programs, they offer MS and Ph.D. The areas they research prominently include visual computing, logic programming, deductive systems, algorithms, concurrency verification, etc. For MS programs, they focus on subjects like software development, computer systems, applications, etc.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute offers both undergraduate and graduate programs for aspiring candidates. They offer a BS in computer science at the undergraduate level along with a combined BS/MS program and an accelerated program in the same subject. They also offer an MS in computer science and a Ph.D. in computer science with the MS course focusing on theory, systems, and requires a thesis completed as part of the course.

Rochester Institute of Technology

The department of computer science at Rochester Institute of Technology provides courses at undergraduate and graduate levels. They offer a BS in computer science at the undergraduate level which can be done as an accelerated course if necessary. The master’s program offered lets candidates specialize in subjects like artificial intelligence, big data analytics, distributed systems, and theory. They also offer masters programs like MS in data science, MS in health informatics, MS in software engineering, MS in human-computer interaction, etc.

This college also offers certification courses in artificial intelligence, big data analytics, cybersecurity, and web development. Candidates will also be able to do joint degree programs like digital humanities and social sciences.

Syracuse University

Syracuse University provides a BS and MS in computer science along with a 5-year BS/MS program that allows candidates to complete both the courses at an accelerated pace. The undergraduate degree focuses on subjects like artificial intelligence, computer and network security, computer graphics, software specification, and design, along with subjects like mobile application, data science, etc.

Candidates who opt for an MS in computer science will be able to study subjects like structured programming, computer architecture, operating systems, and algorithms.

CUNY Graduate School and University Center

This graduate school offers candidates with the option of taking an MS or Ph.D. though they focus more on their Ph.D. course. The Ph.D. in computer science lets candidates specialize in fields like data science, machine learning, theory, computing, text data, visual data, social and cultural, systems, etc. Candidates will also be able to learn more about programming languages, software analysis, cryptography, etc.

The master’s program offered is an MS in data science. The program focuses on subjects like data science, data analytics, and data applications which will by extension include machine learning, database management, big spatial data, etc.

Binghamton University-SUNY

Binghamton University offers a BS in computer science along with the option of taking computer science as a minor. Undergraduate programs focus on subjects like data mining, computer systems design, algorithms, data structures, etc. and offer electives in subjects like machine learning, web-based systems, computer graphics, etc.

Their master’s program focuses on subjects like computer architecture, operating systems, programming languages, computer algorithms, etc. It also offers electives in subjects like database systems, computer networks, wireless sensor networks, etc. The university researches in fields like bioinformatics, cloud computing, computer architecture, data mining, etc.

University at Albany-SUNY

They offer undergraduate and graduate programs. They have a BS STEM and +MS option as their undergraduate programs. They offer an MS in computer science which focuses on fields like computer systems design and software engineering. Candidates will learn about subjects like intelligent systems, information security, data mining, etc.

Clarkson University

This private university offers undergraduate and graduate programs in computer science. The BS in computer science course includes a detailed study of subjects like business intelligence, data analytics, artificial intelligence, operating systems, cryptography, quantum information, etc. Candidates will also be able to take minors in the fields of information technology, statistics, robotics, etc.

Their MS in computer science program is a 30-credit course that deals with subjects like automata theory, computer algorithms, operating systems, compiler construction, computer graphics, software design, etc.

LIU Post

Long Island University offers candidates multiple options in computer science at the undergraduate level and they also offer MS programs for specific specializations under computer science. The undergraduate problems include- BS in artificial intelligence, BS in computer science, and BS in data analytics. Among their master’s programs, they offer MS in artificial intelligence and MS data analytics & strategic business intelligence.

Top Computer Science Programs in New York

The best computer science programs offered within New York are as follows-

BS in Computer Science- Cornell University

This course is offered under the College of Engineering at Cornell University. To apply for the course candidates will have to submit a completed application form by paying an application fee of $80. Candidates will also have to submit a supplemental essay along with the application and answer two short questions provided within the application. They will also require letters of recommendation, secondary school reports, mid-year report and SAT/ACT scores(optional).

The tuition fee for state residents is estimated to be around $35,483 and for non-residents is estimated to be around $52,853. Candidates who have chosen the BS program are required to complete three electives during the duration of the course where the electives can be-

MS in Computer Science- Columbia University

While applying for the MS program, candidates will have to submit their official transcript, letters of recommendation, GRE scores, statement of purpose, resume, publications and submit the application with a fee of $85. Most often, candidates who are selected from the applications will be required to give a video interview before they are admitted for the course.

Candidates who have chosen to do an MS in Computer Science will need a strong base in the subject from their undergraduate degree. The general requirements for the completion of the degree include acquiring 30 points with at least 2.7 as their average GPA. They will have to complete 6 points worth of technical courses from what is available during the duration of the course. Candidates who are choosing an MS program will be able to choose from different tracks of study that are offered. A few of the tracks offered in this university are-

BS in Computer Science- New York University

Candidates who are enrolling for the BS program in computer science will have to take 12 courses in all to major in the subject. The minimum grade they will have to receive to complete the course is C. The subjects that candidates will have to learn include data structures, computer systems organization, operating systems, basic algorithms, calculus, and discrete mathematics. The electives offered for this program will vary from semester to semester and candidates will be able to replace one of the elective options with a course in mathematics if they want to.

The duration of the course is 4 years with a credit requirement of 128. The admission requirements for the course include a duly filled application form along with SAT scores if the candidate has taken the examination. They are also required to submit letters of recommendation and transcripts. This university requires candidates who have been selected to reserve their seats with a payment of $500 before the classes begin. Candidates will have to pay an estimated fee of $27,000 for every 12 credits.

BS in Computer Science- University of Rochester

Candidates who wish to apply for the course will have to complete a common application/coalition for college application by paying an application fee of $50. They will also have to submit their school transcript, letters of recommendation, and school report/counselor recommendation. The tuition fee for the program is estimated to be around $58,000.

The pre-major requirements for the course include subjects like an introduction to computer science, discrete mathematics, data structures and algorithms, and calculus. This has to be completed with a GPA above 2. Once this has been completed, they have to fulfill the core requirements including computation and formal systems, artificial intelligence, computer organization, etc. The course also requires candidates to complete advanced requirements which can be from computer science and needn’t be from mathematics.

BS in Computer Science- University of Buffalo (SUNY)

Candidates who wish to apply for this program will have to fill in the standard application form. The required GPA for applying for a BS program is 2.8 or above. The documents that are required for admission include high school transcript, letters of recommendation, and SAT/ACT grade(optional) The total in-state fee for studying on the campus is estimated to be around $29,000 and the out-of-state estimate is around $46,000.

This course deals with subjects like data structure, digital systems, and programming during the first two years. It will have a primary focus on subjects like statistics, probability, discrete mathematics, and calculus. Moving on, candidates will have to focus on subjects like algorithms, programming languages, and the theory of computing. In their final year, they will be provided with concepts relating to software engineering and operating systems all of which will let the candidate flourish in the job market and even if they choose to do higher education.

The branches that are offered under the field of computer science are artificial intelligence and machine learning, databases and information retrieval, programming languages and software systems, theory and algorithms, etc. The program takes a total of 4 years to complete in all with a total credit requirement of 120. The 120 credits have been divided into three sections with 17 additional credits for the UB curriculum, 18 credits for the electives chosen, and 85 credits for core courses.

Computer Science Degree Programs