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Criminal Justice is a professional degree offered at the graduate level to professionals working in the criminal justice domain and for those seeking a postdoctoral program. This criminology program mostly focuses on justice administration, court services, forensic psychology, homeland security, correctional counseling, criminal justice planning, law and leadership, global issues, public safety, crime analysis and delinquency.

Duration of study

Criminal Justice program is offered either as an MA in Criminal Justice degree or as a dual degree in combination with Social Welfare.

Since most graduates opting for the Master in Criminal Justice program are often working professionals, it takes them an average of two to three years to earn the degree.

What skills will a student gain?

Criminal Justice program imparts knowledge in all facets of crime and its relation to society. Students are trained to examine economic, political and cultural influences on crime, and how to respond to such activities in a lawful manner. Besides, they are specially trained in personal and social forces that also drive a person to commit a crime.


To apply for a Master's degree, an applicant must: Students need to check which scores are accepted by the universities of their choice before appearing for any of the above-mentioned tests.

How much will it cost?

The tuition fee for the Master of Criminal Justice program on average costs between $600-$750 per credit course. Besides this cost, students need to bear their living expenses, stationery charges, and other allied expenditure.

Who should opt for a master's degree

Many students who have completed a bachelor's degree in law often contemplate on a career vis-a-vis a masters degree. While a master's degree maximizes career opportunities and proportionally increases the pay package, it also opens doors to a post-doctoral program. Here are some pointers that can help students make the decision that suits them best:

What can I do with a criminal justice degree?

Campus vs Online program

Many institutions offer an online program in Criminal Justice. This is especially beneficial to those who are seeking to complete this degree while working full-time or for those who are looking for a cost-effective option. Some benefits of an online program include:

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