If food and drinks are something you are passionate about, the career of culinary arts is for you. This field is an art and science as well and seeks perfection in your execution. In the USA, you can explore a variety of career options in the hospitality sector and see yourself growing and hungry for more in this field!

Admission requirement
Students can take an Associate degree and then apply for the Bachelors. At present, in the US there are no colleges or universities that offer master's degree course in culinary arts. For the Associate degree, courses in liberal arts, science, and maths would suffice along with food principle, kitchen mechanics, and cooking principles.

No education prerequisites are required to enroll in this program. To enroll in Bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts, students might need prior cooking experience, through volunteering or social service. An educational placement test might be needed before the course begins.

Some of the Best Culinary institutes in US includes

Career options
Graduates can work in a good hotel or a restaurant. You can join as a trainee and go on to become chefs, sommeliers (barman) in hotels or plush restaurants or take a management role, be a food expert, own business, food columnist, and even teachers. Some can be a line cook, food, and beverage managers as well. Jobs are also in cafes, resorts, catering services. Once can even start his own business. Some roles are discussed here- Kitchen / Culinary managers are the supervisor in the kitchens of colleges, schools, hospitals. They also hire new joiners and mentor them.

Sous chef is an assistant to the chef, who is the head with a kitchen, work closely with chefs, assists with purchase, supplies, training new cooks, inventory, etc.

Catering Manager works with various companies and establishments to plan food budget, portioning and keep a track on the execution of the menu on the table. This career is more to do with customer relations rapport to build a business.

Salary & Employment Outlook
As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, food preparations and kitchen supervisors earned about $31,450 on an average annually in 2009 while top cooks and chefs took home about $44,200 on an average. Like in other fields the salary in Culinary Arts goes up with experience. Someone who starts their own business can expect to earn a lot. Employment is expected to grow by 6-9% in the years 2008-2018.

US States with most jobs
Arizona, Virginia, Florida, Washington, Michigan, Iowa are some of the few.

Other sub courses
Funeral Service and Mortuary Science- job security is here for obvious reasons; the job is to help in preparing for funeral services. They help in preserving the body for the funeral, but this career has erratic working hours. A person can work in hospitals, funeral industry, etc. Pay scales have gone up with the times and with more aesthetics coming into the fray.

Personal and culinary services- this field involves food preparation and offering skin, hair care, and beauty services. A career in this field includes cosmetologist, personal chef, pastry artist, chef, make-up artist.

Culinary Arts and Related Services- study deals in general arts and cooking. It relates to food preparation, cooking methods, hygiene, principles of food service management, etc. Jobs are within the food industry. Salary is at par with the hospitality sectors.

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