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    In the US, English language and literature degree programs can be pursed at different levels namely at undergraduate, master's and doctoral levels. This program is among the most sort-after fields of study in the humanities stream. Most of the careers in this flied are very competitive and with transformation of the economy new professions being pursed, allowing students to make most of their background in English language and literature.

    Bachelor's Degree
    Also known as English degree programs, Bachelor's in English language and literature covers different aspects such as creative writing, literature, linguistics and teaching. During the course, the students learn the skill to interpret rhetorical theory, composition, and literature with the help of historical and social contexts.

    Career Options
    Owning to the critical thinking and analysis that students gain from bachelor's degree programs in English language and literature helps them to get employment in various fields such as
    Master's Degree
    With Master's degree the career options multiple manifolds for the students. To complete the Master's degree programs in English literature will take full-time study of two years for most students. Some of the most popular careers on completing the masters along with the average annual salary are given below:

    A PHD degree in English language and literature will usually take 5-6 years to complete. Admission to such a program mainly depends on the student's GRE scores, previous academic performance, recommendations of former instructors along with writing ability. Traditionally, an individual with a PHD in this field took a job of professor, earning a median salary of $61,000. The Modern Language Association has found that most of pupils with English literature Ph.D. are opting for jobs outside academia, which includes
    Some of the top universities for pursing English language and literature in US are :-
    Salary and growth prospects
    An assistant professor can easily expect to earn an average annual salary between $47,000-$70,000, while for tenured college professors it is $58,000 and $106,000.

    As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, for post-secondary teachers and writers the employment growth of 15% is expected till the year 2018. Moreover, it is estimated that editorial opportunities might reduce by 400 jobs by 2018.