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A lot of people love to learn an additional language and thus put to use the language skills for getting a good job. In the present global economy, there is a huge demand everywhere for skills in language as governments, organizations and businesses continue to build bigger and better relationships with various foreign interests. To learn an additional language is always beneficial for your employment for 2 reasons:
  1. It will offer all those people, who have established and successful careers a golden chance to rise ahead through either international experience and travel or gaining promotions
  2. It opens new doors to exciting new employment and career opportunities

The average salary expected for a normal Instructor of Foreign Languages here in the US is $43,000.

Future Outlook
Every day new and more business are working closely with firms across the globe. They require many kinds of people who have the ability to communicate in various languages as well as understand the other cultures and languages. So it does not matter the kind of career you opt for, if you know an additional language then you always have an edge no doubt.

Police officers, doctors, nurses, business people may be required to talk in more than just 1 language many times if they wish to excel in their jobs. Journalists or hotel managers who can speak languages like Korean, or Spanish or French for example, apart from English do have a better chance of getting promotions at work when compared to other people who can just speak English.

If you know an additional language, then you will be called for traveling and interacting with people and professionals of other cultures, not just in the US but across the planet. Knowing an extra language will enhance your chances in fields like business, law, government, health care, medicine, teaching, military, technology, social service, marketing, communications etc. More and more people are now taking up learning an extra language as the market for international languages is booming and will continue to do so for decades!

Some of the career options for a foreign language studies graduate are mentioned below:
For example, the tuition fees at the Yale University for a three credit course in foreign language in $6,300 for the year 2012, apart from other expenses.

General Admission Requirements
Below is the general requirement for admission for a Masters Program in Foreign Language at the University of Iowa:
The applicant should:
The application materials must include:
  • GRE scores
  • Statement of purpose which explains the graduation study goals
  • Letters of recommendation - at least 3 of them
  • For people whose 1st language isn't English should submit TOEFL scores as Foreign Language.