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A high school diploma in the United States of America is considered as the completion of basic education by law. It makes one eligible to apply for government jobs and also opens the gates to university education. Students are required to study a certain set of subjects and pass a test to earn this diploma.

Surveys have found that high school diploma holders earn an average of $390,000 more than non-diploma holders in their entire career. With such a lucrative measure of earning, many people are leaning towards graduating from high school. To enable adults who dropped out from school and wish to complete a high school diploma now, for home schooled candidates and for students who wish to pursue a high school course on their own without tutoring at a regular school, many high schools and certification institutions have begun offering online high school diploma programs.

Popular online high school diploma providers

Most online high school diplomas are accredited by some recognized accrediting body. However, it's important that students conduct a check to ensure their diplomas will be recognized by colleges and employers, before applying for a program.

There are several high school diploma programs offered online. Some focus on preparing a student for jobs, while others are suitable for those looking for university education.

Online charter schools

Many publicly funded charter schools allow students wanting to pursue an online high school diploma program for free. Unlike regular public schools, charter schools have more freedom from government control, yet charge no tuition fee. Besides, they are more often than not affiliated to a recognized institution, which possibly makes them a good bet for earning an online high school diploma.

In fact, students of California and Minnesota have a state provision that allows them to enroll for online high school programs for free. Some schools have taken it a step forward by offering even study material and computer access for free to its online high school diploma students.

Private schools

Many private schools offer online high school diplomas aligned to their own philosophy of study. Since tuition fee is considerably high in many such schools, it's important that students opting for these programs conduct a thorough check on the accreditation of these certificates. They need to verify if the transcripts of these courses are recognized by colleges and other businesses.


Many universities are also entering the fray offering online high school diploma programs. The advantage that these universities have over many private schools is that they come from recognized institutions and, hence, dispel the fear of earning an un-recognized certificate of completion.

Equivalents of high school diplomas

General Education Development (GED)
Developed by the American Education of Council in collaboration with educational services organization Pearson, the GED measures a candidate's proficiency in reading and writing of language, mathematics, social studies and science. Students can appear for tests online and earn a high school diploma that is recognized by their respective federal government.

The GED tests are offered in over 3,200 centres and can be appeared for in English, Spanish, French, large print and Braille. The test costs an average of $80.

Educational Testing Service (ETS)
Founded in 1947, ETS is the world's largest private educational service offered by a non-profit organization offering high school diplomas called the HiSET or ETS High School Equivalency Test. The HiSET program tests candidate's knowledge of reading and writing of language, social studies, science and mathematics.

Available in English and Spanish, the test costs $50, which includes the costs for two retests.

Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC)
Introduced in January 2014 by McGraw-Hill and CBT, TASC is the latest entrant into online high school diploma certifications. TASC also assesses a candidate in reading and writing language skills, science, mathematics and social studies.

The program, which costs about $52, is offered in English, Spanish, large print and Braille.

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