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Top programs in History

    History can be an interesting subject option for students with an inclination in subjects and events that shaped the country to what it is today. Several career options in the USA are available for students who want to bury deep into the annals of time and carve a career out of it.

    Courses offered & Admission
    Students who want to gain knowledge of American history, Bachelors degree of Arts in History is the program to pursue. The program covers a detailed study of the citizens, events that had an impact on the USA like wars and other insurmountable crisis in the past. A student can also gain insights on famous political leaders and their times, industrial revolution, and some notable scientific inventions that were made in the past. Curriculum that might also be studied simultaneously includes World civilization, Feminism, Progressivism etc. A high school diploma or a GED certification is deemed important and necessary for admission.

    There is Master's degree in American history too that can be pursued where the curriculum boasts of a vivid account of American government and the administration. The course also covers Civil Wars, African American history to name a few important subjects. The modules primarily stresses on American culture and how it has seen through an elaborate journey to the present. Sometimes, while doing their Master's degree, students are required to follow a foreign language. They are also encouraged to conduct thesis and create theories on various subjects pertaining to historical events and the consequences. Other topics that are studied are American Revolution, Communism, the Cold War, and Racism, etc.

    For those individuals who are further interested in studying history, there is post Master's certificate Program in History available for the Masters degree holders where topics like Federalism, Democracy, Internationalism etc are covered. Admission for this program, a Master's degree is required. The top two schools for graduate program in history in US is University of Michigan Ann Arbor and University of Pennsylvania.

    Career Options
    Graduates and Master's degree holders can find jobs in the USA at political arenas, information and archivist fields, museums and also in legal profession. Students can apply for the post of a campaign worker, lobbyist, librarian and many more. Students can also seek fields like journalism, publishing sector, business sector, charity and voluntary services sector. They can also don the hat of a history teacher, museum curator, politicians to name a few. With a PHD degree one can even become an archivist, historian, intelligence analyst, information specialist, nonfiction historical writer, librarian of historical works, the options are endless.

    Growth outlook
    In a 2009 survey in the USA, it is found that of all the jobs, almost 3600 jobs are with the Historians, which amounted to a good percentage of working class in various sector. Jobs are expected to shoot up by 11 percent 2008-2018 as informed by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The future in this field is immensely bright and students can lap up some good opportunities coming their way in the near future.

    As per the statistics, the average annual salary of a historian in 2010 was $54,000, where as for curators and museum technician was $43,000.