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Last Updated: August 17, 2022

Study Law at New York University

The NYU School of Law was established in the year 1835 and is one of the best institutions in the state for studying a program in the subject. Law programs are offered here at undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels within over 16 areas of study. The programs here aim at providing a dynamic educational environment to students and at the same time develop an edge for research among students who are interested in the field.

The law school of NYU is considered to be the 14th best law institution in the country considering both the quality of education and the number of programs offered. One of the best specializations offered here for the law is international law and the programs will also be rooted in other fields like social theory, history, politics, etc. to build a better framework for students.

Eligibility Requirements of Studying Law at NYU

The eligibility requirements for studying at NYU are dependent on the level of the program one has opted for and the kind of program it is. Those who have opted for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in legal studies will be able to have lower eligibility requirements when compared to those applying for a JD degree. The general requirements that one will have to meet for law programs will include-

Cost of Studying Law at NYU

The cost of law programs at NYU is dependent on the level of degree one has chosen. Apart from the tuition fee, one will have to pay additional amounts for health and services, room and board, books and supplies, etc. The tuition fee for law programs per year is estimated to be around $73,000 but the entire amount that one will have to pay per year is estimated to be a little higher than $109,000. The fee here is the same for all students though international students will have additional fee requirements for relocation and transit.

Programs for Law at NYU

The NYU Law School has programs at different levels for law along with different specializations that one can choose from. These programs and their general details are as follows-
JD Degree3 years
LLM in Competition, Innovation & Information Law2 years
LLM in Corporation Law2 years
LLM in Environmental & Energy Law2 years
LLM in International Business Regulation, Litigation & Arbitration2 years
LLM in International Taxation 2 years
LLM in Legal Theory2 years
LLM in Taxation2 years
JSD Degree4 years

JD Degree

This degree has a duration of 4 years and is offered only as a full-time program. The class strength of the program of 484 with over 174 students scoring above the 75th percentile on the LSAT. The curriculum allows students to choose from over 16 areas of study under the law including environmental law, intellectual law, human rights, international labor law, etc.

LLM Degree

Candidates who wish to do an LLM degree will be able to choose from one of the nine different degrees offered under this title. They will either be able to take an Executive LLM or choose from one of the 8 specializations offered for this degree. The degree will have a duration of 2 years in all. The specializations offered include-

JSD Degree

This is the Doctor of Juridical Science has a duration of 4 years and is the most advanced degree one can take in the field. Candidates will be able to choose from one of the specializations that the university offers. They will have to complete a dissertation and a thesis based on the field of specialization they have chosen. The specializations one can take include legal theory, tax law, environmental & energy law, intellectual property, litigation & arbitration, international law, etc.

MS in Law in Taxation

This is an online program offered on a part-time basis. The program is offered to people who are working as accountants or financial professionals and is in the form of legal advice relating to taxation and other sophisticated business transactions. The program requires candidates to complete 24 to 30 credits which approximately takes around 2 years but students will be able to take as long as 5 years to complete the program.

MS in Health Law and Strategy

This program has a duration of 12 months all with 30 credits. Students are also required to complete 3 on-site residential experiences as part of the program. The program is taught both in a hybrid mode and an on-campus mode from which students will be able to choose what suits them best. The courses one will have to deal with include healthcare economics, healthy policy, health law & regulation, health innovation colloquium, etc.

Career Prospects after Pursuing Law at NYU

The Office of Career Services at NYU Law School has one of the best and most extensive placement programs in the country. The main dilemma that students face is in choosing from the placement options they receive. Of around 466 students who enrolled in the program, 442 students passed the bar examination and around 457 students were employed immediately after completing their education.

The most popular employment destinations for students who have studied here in New York, California, and the District of Columbia. The mean salary that candidates who are employed in law firms receive is estimated to be around $169,206. The mean salary of those who became judicial clerks is around $70,000 and those that entered the business & industry field receive a mean salary of $161,000.

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