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    The field of liberal arts and sciences is very diverse and broad. Most degree programs offered by colleges cover subject content, which is associated with social sciences, languages, writing and literature, social issues, philosophy and world cultures.

    Career Options
    There are various career opportunities in this and it depends upon the subject you're studying. Below are some career options that one can take up when pursuing humanities and liberal arts majors.
  • High School Teachers
  • Teaching in Elementary Schools
  • Technical Writing
  • Freelance Writing

    General Studies
    The programs in General Studies give you a degree, which comprises of various disciplines like the arts, humanities and the sciences, which might appeal students who wish to pursue a broad or an extensive education. Most four-year universities and two-year colleges offer the programs in general studies. Graduates often can pursue a career in an industry they want to get into or they can choose to continue the education further. General Studies graduates can go on and become lawyers, social workers or teachers just to name a few of the many career possibilities.

    The humanities field is a vast field which includes a range of subjects like history, arts and social science. With a degree in humanities, an individual can take up careers in education, research and more. The humanities field is dedicated towards the studying of the basic human condition along with related subjects like art, philosophy, music, history and liberal arts. If you have a Humanities undergraduate degree, then you can take up a range of career options like professional educators, archivists, social workers and museum curators. However, the people who are keen on taking up directorial positions can consider getting a graduate degree in Humanities. For the students of Humanities, the areas of study are almost the same like the liberal studies program; coursework can include history, philosophy, literature and fine arts.

    Salary for the professionals of liberal arts & sciences vary as it's dependent on the career you selected. Student Survey of the year 2014 reported that graduates in liberal arts & sciences program were offered $31,000 average salary. The survey also showed that the people who earned an amount lesser than $41,000 mostly worked in an setting, which is academic based, while more and more graduates who actually entered the non-academic liberal arts and sciences careers made better salaries. The average salary that was offered to the General Studies/Liberal arts and sciences graduates in the year 2014 was $51,000.

    Growth Outlook
    With a bachelor's degree or an associate's degree in the field of liberal arts & sciences, you may qualify for business management, film editing jobs or teaching. The U.S BLS or the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that opportunities for job for elementary, middle school, kindergarten and the teachers in high schools would go up by nearly 13% overall between the years 2008 and 2018. In the same way, an expected rise of 12% in jobs for the business managers as well as film editors also has been anticipated for the same period.

    The fee for the Masters or the Graduate programs for Liberal Arts and Sciences, for e.g. at John Hopkins University is $2,200 per course apart from other additional fees.