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Last Updated: June 23, 2022

Taking a Multidisciplinary Studies Program

Candidates who are unsure about the field they want to pursue or wish to pursue multiple fields of study at the same time instead of taking a double major will be able to take up multidisciplinary studies. This field of study essentially allows candidates to choose two fields of study from within a list of areas offered by the institution thereby allowing them to combine both of the areas and learn about them.

Taking up multidisciplinary studies allows candidates to work in specialized professions that require expertise from multiple fields. The program is also known as interdisciplinary studies in certain institutions and is most popularly opted for in the southwest region of the US. It is considered to be a professional program that candidates take to fit a particular profession of their choice and is less opted for by candidates who are interested in research. Multidisciplinary studies are not to be confused with combining topics within the same field of study. Candidates will be taking up subjects from entirely different academic areas which will be a combination that serves a particular profession or personal interest.

Benefits of Studying Multidisciplinary Studies

The benefits of taking up multidisciplinary studies lie in the soft skills that one will acquire through the program. Candidates will be encouraged to think out of the box, be creative, and also fit into a blended curriculum that is outside the traditional form of education. Since students will be allowed to take up 2 or more fields of study and study them concerning each other, they will be able to produce better results in their work environment than their peers who have specialized in one field of study.

Admission Requirements for Multidisciplinary Studies

The admission requirements for a multidisciplinary program are similar to that of most degree programs. It is dependent on the level of study one is applying for and the disciplines one plans to choose as part of the program. The requirements will also vary based on the institution one is planning to attend. A few of the general requirements that this program has include-

Popular Degrees for Multidisciplinary Studies

Candidates will be able to take up multidisciplinary studies at different levels starting from an associate of science degree in the subject to a master’s degree depending on the specialization they require for their profession. The details regarding these programs are-
Program LevelDurationCredits
Associate’s Degree2 years120 credits
Bachelor’s Degree3 years180 credits
Master’s Degree2 years120 credits

Fee for Multidisciplinary Studies

The fee for multidisciplinary studies is dependent on the institution one is attending and whether the institution is publicly or privately funded. It will also be dependent on the scholarships the candidate receives along with whether the candidate is from within the state or out of the state. The fee for out-of-state candidates will be significantly higher than that of in-state students.

The median in-state fee for multidisciplinary programs is around $7,000 whereas that of out-of-state students is around $38,000 in public institutions. Private institutions provide the program at higher tuition fee rates.

Undergraduate Programs for Multidisciplinary Studies

Multidisciplinary studies being a professional program has two undergraduate options from which candidates can choose from. They will either be able to take an associate in science degree or a bachelor’s in art degree depending on the number of years they are willing to invest in the program and on the requirements specified by their chosen career field.

Associate’s Degree in Multidisciplinary Studies

Candidates who have chosen to take an associate degree in multidisciplinary studies will be required to complete core courses in basic subjects like mathematics, sciences, and English apart from which they will be able to choose fields of study of their interest. An associate degree will have a 2-year duration within which candidates are required to complete the specified coursework. This degree is mostly offered in community colleges and private institutions where students will be able to take up 2 or more subjects at the same time and do a general study of the same before applying to entry-level jobs in different industries.

Bachelor’s Degree in Multidisciplinary Studies

Students who wish to take up a more detailed study than a generalized one will be able to enroll for a bachelor’s degree in the subject. This is offered by universities and other prominent institutions where students will be able to choose from a list of academic disciplines. If it is an interdisciplinary program, candidates will be able to take up any 2 fields of study, and if it is a multidisciplinary program, they will be able to take up more than 2 fields of study based on their interests. A bachelor’s program will have a duration of 3 years in all with 120 credit hours.

As part of the general course requirements, one will have to complete a set number of credit hours in fields like humanities & fine arts, social science, life & physical sciences, and even mathematics. Only after this will they be able to pursue studying their field of interest.

Popular Majors Offered for BA in Multidisciplinary Studies

The common areas offered in universities from which candidates can choose are-

Graduate Programs for Multidisciplinary Studies

A master’s program in this field is mostly limited to interdisciplinary studies and not expanded to multidisciplinary studies due to the concentrated study requirements and specialization requirements at this level of study. But at the same time, some universities offer graduate programs in multidisciplinary studies.

Candidates who take up the master’s program will have to choose their fields of study and at the same time select a specific content area within which they will be completing their main course work. Most of the graduate programs in this field will only require coursework but some may also require candidates to submit a master’s thesis in which case candidates will have to write the thesis based on their specific content area. Apart from the fields of study they have chosen, candidates will be able to take up electives that complement their main fields of study all of which will add up to the 120 credits one requires for course completion. A master’s program generally has a duration of 2 years.

Popular Majors Offered for MA in Multidisciplinary Studies

The most popular fields of study offered as part of the graduate level programs in multidisciplinary studies include-

Top Universities for Multidisciplinary Studies

A few of the best universities that offer programs in multidisciplinary studies include-

High Paying Career Options

Candidates who have completed their multidisciplinary studies degree will be able to enter diverse career fields based on their chosen areas of study. Most candidates move into career sectors that deal with journalism and advertising. The industries that pay the highest amounts for graduates of multidisciplinary studies include petroleum refining, broadcasting, internet publishing, etc. Candidates also choose to work in industries like general medical hospitals, academic institutions, and schools.

The average salary for people who have taken up this program is estimated to be around $79,000.

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