Behavioural science explores human activities and their effects on relationships. It analyses how human behaviour can affect decision taking ability. These skills are used in various fields including social work, health care and counselling centres and even in corporate sectors where consumers minds are studied for improving the company's performance and sale. Behavioural Science professionals have ample opportunities in industries comprising family services and support. They can work as associate consultants in aged care centres, community centres and health campaign centres. They can also contribute in alcohol and drug counselling or in rehabilitation centres. Applied behavioural science specialists often need to work on residential or clinical programs. They also need to provide individual counselling to children in special cases. They can get highly paid if they pursue higher education.


Biopsychology or Biological Psychology as the name indicates is related to analysis of the influence of brain and neurotransmitters over our actions and behaviour. It is often referred as Behavioural Neuroscience. You can work as a biologist, chemist, medical scientist or Licenced psychologist at the Health Centres of New Jersey, Chicago, Minnesota etc. in USA.

Cognitive Science

Cognitive Science involves study of mind and body in collaboration with other fields like artificial intelligence, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience and dialectology. Students pursuing cognitive science degree can work have ample jobs including Research Scientist, Biologist, Environmental Engineer, Forensic Scientist, Computer Engineering and Nuclear weapon scientist in various states like Washington DC, Ohio, Virginia, Texas and many other states of US.

Natural science

Natural science is related to the study of universe which also means, observing the laws of nature. The American Museum of Natural Sciences offers great job opportunities in various sectors like education, IT, HR and digital media. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County offers jobs ranging from internship to professional including development, finance, information systems and marketing.


Neuroscience comprises of study of nervous system of the body. Earlier it was a stream of biology but these days it is combined with other fields like computer science, chemistry, maths and engineering. Prospective candidates can work as Lab support, Nurse practitioners, medical assistants, Neuroscience specialists, Research Associate (post-doctoral) in various health centres of Wisconsin, California, Los Angeles etc.

Nutrition Science

Nutrition Science deals with how the body reacts metabolically and physiologically to diet. Students can pursue specialization two fields based on chemical and biological sciences. Physiology and metabolism form the basis of natural science and the advance course consists of nutrition with detail study about food properties and nutrient application. Graduates can opt for jobs in public health centres or in public schools in nutrition department. They can work as science instructors, food and nutrition technician, Senior Program Officer, Lecturer and principal scientist in New York, California, Minnesota, Washington etc.


Gerontology studies physical, mental, and social changes in people as they grow in age. Students can pursue career as program coordinator, social worker, Information and Assistance specialist at various aging associations in US like American Society on Aging (ASA), American Occupational Therapy Association, National Gerontological Nursing Association (NGNA) and many other aging centres.


Science, technology and society (STS) is the study of relation between research and technology with the social ethical, philosophical and political and cultural values. STS aspirants can work on leading positions in the research field. Graduates can go for jobs including academic research, Program Director and teaching in the renowned universities of Washington, Texas, Los Angeles and other states of US. Another interdisciplinary stream of science is Systems Science and Theory which deals with complex systems found in nature. It is vastly used in technical, medical and social science field.


For public institutions: $28,000 - $30,000 /year
For private institutions: $46,000 - $50,000 /year
For public universities: $48,500 - $50,000 /year
For private universities: $66,000-$70,000 /year

Note: Tuition does not include books, lab fees, etc.

Duration with eligibility:
BS or BA= 4 years (10+2 in science field)
MA or MS=2 years (after the BA or BS)
Ph.D. = 5-7 years (after MA or MS)

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