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Natural resources and conservation teach students the usage, improvement, and protection of our natural resources. Through this course, students study about soil, water, air, plant life, etc. and help in conserving the resources by adopting some best practices and to reduce natural wastes.

Natural Resource & Conservation Management Program Overviews
Online degree programs are also available at Bachelor's and Master's degree level. Nevertheless, some programs require completing certain lab courses in school or campus.

More than a hundred colleges offer Masters, Bachelors, and Doctoral programs in natural resource and conservation in the US and some of the well-known school are:-
The Certain government registered institutions, and private firms offer internships for the students. Sometimes, to complete graduation, an internship is a must in case of some programs. An enthusiastic student can also volunteer himself with any agencies- governmental or private or even local parks to gain maximum practical exposure and learning of the program modules.

Career options
Once attaining a degree in natural resource and conservation, a wide range of employment options can be pursued in the US. Students can work as writers, environmentalists, providing their views on conserving natural resources, plant ecologists, environmental scientists, biologists, fisheries technicians. Students can also pursue working with different Environmental agencies affiliated with the Government or other Conservation Agencies in the USA. Other alternatives are working for local, state and national parks. As they gain experience, students climb the ladder and can also become managers, analysts or teachers. Those with degrees can also become professors.

The average salary for an environmental scientist and specialist according to BLS in 2014 was $62,000 while for the post of conservation scientist was estimated at $60,000.

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