A major in Philosophy and religious studies is a general program which includes education in logic; epistemology; ethics; phenomenology; symbolism; psychology, the sociology, anthropology, philosophy, art of religion; world religions and literature.

    Major in religious studies engages in a broad range of studies, liberal education, which could include learning of ancient and modern languages plus studying various other viewpoints and cultures. Students ought to be keen in constructing arguments, interpreting documents, evaluating the coherency of other's and their own belief systems; also they ought to be keen about learning historical, anthropological and philosophical approaches to fundamental religious queries. The students of religious studies are called in to think about society, religion and the world from various perspectives. This field is just an academic discipline, which does not require a commitment to any specific religion, although it doesn't forbid the same, of course. The pupils who want to get a career in this might also choose something called the pre-theological studies it's something, which might have some common elements like in religious studies, however that's aimed at producing folks who are religiously committed as a true practicing professional.

    What all courses do the Students pursuing majors in Religious Studies take?
    The elective courses which one would be required to take up for a major in Religious Studies varies considerably amongst different institutions. Some of the courses that can be taken are:
    Some facts:

    Religious Studies
    You would get surprised to know that the most of the majors in religious studies don't become clergy members, however go on and lead their respective fields in various areas. A religious studies bachelor's degree is a great preparation for business school, law, medicine or even graduate studies in humanities, administration or counseling. Additionally, a lot of students with a degree in religious studies secure employment in journalism, social services, public relations, health and welfare firms, music and a lot of other businesses, non-profit firms, and more.

    For people who want to take up a traditional religious based career, a religious studies baccalaureate degree offers the perfect preparation for campus ministry, youth ministries, medical missionary and theological outreach, adult ministries, religious activities, chaplaincy, religious education, and many other similar fields. Similarly, an undergraduate degree religious study renders the best preparation for all those who want to take up religious studies graduate work, leading to opportunities in careers in higher or secondary education.