Best Programs in Physics

Harvard University
Princeton University
Massachusetts Inst of Technology
University of California-Berkeley
California Institute Technology
Cornell University
University of Chicago
U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Stanford University
Univ of California-Santa Barbara
University of Texas at Austin
Columbia University
Yale University
University of Washington
Univ of California-Los Angeles
Univ of California-San Diego
University of Pennsylvania
University of Maryland College Park
University of Michigan
Rutgers State Univ-New Brunswick
University of Wisconsin-Madison
State U of New York-Stony Brook
University of Minnesota
Ohio State University
University of Rochester a
Brown University
University of Rochester
Carnegie Mellon University
Johns Hopkins University
Purdue University
Michigan State University
University of California-Irvine
University of Florida
Northwestern University
University of Colorado
Boston University
University of Pittsburgh
Duke University
Rice University
University of Arizona
University of Virginia
Texas A&M University
Univ of California-Santa Cruz
Iowa State University
University of Southern California
North Carolina State University
Washington University
New York University
U of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Pennsylvania State University
University of Notre Dame
Syracuse University
Vanderbilt University
Georgia Institute of Technology
College of William & Mary
U of Massachusetts at Amherst
Case Western Reserve Univ
Northeastern University
University of California-Davis
Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst
Arizona State University
Virginia Polytech Inst & State U
University of Iowa
Drexel University
Dartmouth College
University of Illinois at Chicago
Lehigh University
State Univ of New York-Buffalo
Auburn University
University of Rhode Island
Boston College
George Washington University
Well, studying in the USA for higher studies is an option taken by many. It doesn't matter which country you are living in, and the USA has always lured the best students for higher studies. Be its excellent infrastructure, amazing faculty or the right scholarships for the deserving students, US universities have ensured that you can get to study there without worrying about money if you deserve it. And when it comes to MS or Ph.D., one needs to go for a specialized field of study in any master-level degree of education. USA is one of the topmost countries for studying MS or doing Ph.D. in physics.
Boston University
Boston University has seen some of the world famous scholars and scientists in the field of particle astrophysics, molecular biophysics, polymer physics, computational physics, statistical physics, experimental biophysics, condensed matter physics, etc. to fulfill the Ph.D. requirement, a total of 16 four credit courses are needed. Passing from the Boston University prepares students to work in industrial, academic as well as government setting depending on the respective discipline of studies.

Yale University
Yale University offers courses in applied physics, geophysics, molecular biophysics, etc. the tuition fees for the academic year of 2014-2015 is $45,000 which is inclusive of the health care services. With the room charges, personal expenses and transport cost, it budgets up to $65,000.

Michigan Technological University
Michigan Technological University gives your career a great boost if you are planning to study MS in physics. Some of their recent projects include cloud physics, biological and chemical sensors, quantum modeling, material science projects, computational solid state theory etc. Here both the MS and Ph.D. courses consist of strong graduate level studies along with significant contribution in the field of physics through published journals and thesis. There is also scope for nanotechnology projects and certifications.

Cleveland State University
It is ranked as one of the top most universities in the nation. Cleveland State University is one of the strongest professional program' in the nation. The courses taught by the Ph.D. faculty are from the eminent universities of Harvard, Carnegie-Mellon, MIT, etc. the university aims at providing in-depth studies in solid state physics, macromolecular crystallography. The department of physics in Cleveland State University also has close interdisciplinary collaborations along with the Cleveland Clinic for the MS with special emphasis on the medical physics program.

Harvard University
It does not need any introduction for anyone in the field of academics. Quantum physics, molecular physics, solid state physics, nanotechnology, etc. courses are offered with regular exposure to the latest experimental physics. The students get placed as professors, scientists, researchers, mathematicians, and scholars.