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Last Updated: April 24, 2021

Psychology Graduate Programs

International students with a graduate degree in psychology have a greater chance of landing a job in the field of their choosing because the degree is more streamlined and geared towards a specific area of expertise. Students can not only improve their earnings but also their career development by targeting a particular major within the field of psychology.

Psychology is one of the most prevalent majors in the Arts & Sciences because it is a fast-growing discipline with a diverse variety of subareas. As both a response and need, hundreds of schools deliver a graduate degree in psychology, and thus a wide range of subjects from which students can choose.

The top 5 universities in the country for studying psychology include:
  1. Stanford University
  2. Yale University
  3. University of Michigan
  4. Harvard University
  5. Princeton University

Why Should one achieve a graduate degree in Psychology?

To choose a specific area of study within psychology, one must first decide on psychology as a profession. Cognitive, behavioral, and clinical fields of psychology are among the most common majors. Most of these have a lot of space for advancement. But on the other hand, Clinical psychology┬ allows for the most development since it eventually leads to the establishment of one's own practice.

Some psychology majors go on to work as psychologists; others go on to work as counselors or in the Human Resources department, where they work closely with corporations. A major must be chosen based on a specific career goal in order to be able to achieve that goal.

Top graduate programs in Psychology

Top graduate programs in Psychology are offered by the top 5 universities mentioned below:

Stanford University

Yale University

University of Michigan

Harvard University

Princeton University

Scholarships for Graduate Students

Pursuing higher studies in Psychology from a renowned university can put significant financial pressure on students who are on a budget. Higher education in Psychology is not cheap, almost meeting the sky-high tuition fee of medical courses. Hence, below is a list of some scholarship programs that provide financial aid to students who are looking into pursuing higher studies in Psychology.

1. Foundation Graduate Student Scholarship

This scholarship is provided by the infamous American Psychological Association (APA). The scholarship is provided to a collective of 21 doctorate or graduate students every year. Students at any stage of their graduate education can apply for the scholarship.

The scholarship grants anywhere between $2,000 to $5,000 off to selected students. The entry requirements for the scholarship include:

2. Franklin D. Boyce Health Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded by John Randolph Association, which is granted every year to undergraduate and graduate students. The student must be enrolled in a health or psychology-related field of study to be eligible for the scholarship.

The amount awarded to selected students is $2,500 and the entry requirements include:

3. Benton-Meier Scholarship

The Benton-Meier Scholarship is awarded by the American Psychological Foundation (APF) to students who are enrolled in the neuroscience field of study, in order to support their research.

The amount awarded to selected students is $2,000. Students must submit the following documents:

The Top Careers with a Graduate Degree in Psychology

The average starting salary of a person with a graduate degree in Psychology is approximately anywhere between $60,000 to $100,000. The salary can increase or decrease based upon criteria such as the geography of the job, the employer as well as the actual position.

A graduate degree in psychology is useful in a variety of careers, which is why it is such a prominent degree among students. The top 5 careers with a graduate degree are:
  1. Psychiatrist
  2. Neuropsychologist
  3. Industrial Psychologist
  4. Counseling Psychologist
  5. Forensic Psychologist

Psychology and much more

Psychology is also a popular major that is taken in conjunction with another degree, such as criminal justice or public administration. This allows students to enhance their job opportunities, increase their salary potential as well as their career growth. The job market is getting harder, and harder so many students are not relying solely on one job possibility upon graduation.

A graduate degree in psychology has a significant number of benefits, however, choosing the right school and major can make a difference at graduation regarding career and salary.

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