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AR: Admission Rate, SF: Student:Faculty ratio,
*UG-In: Undergraduate In-State fees/yr, UG-Ou: Undergraduate Out-of-State fees/yr,
*G-In: Graduate In-State fees/yr, G-Ou: Graduate Out-of-State fees/yr
Fees is approx. It might vary with some professionaldegrees like MBA/Law/Medicine/Engineering
UniversityLocationAR SF UG-In UG-Ou G-In G-Ou Carnegie Type
1Oregon State University Corvallis, OR 78.318 $11330 $29870 $14420 $23690 (very high research activity) Public
2University of Maine Orono, ME 91.216 $11330 $29870 $9270 $26780 (high research activity) Public