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Last Updated: July 06, 2021

Degree in Social Science

Social science can be defined as the study of society and human behaviors and their influence on the world around us. Social science is all about learning global issues, history, and country affairs. Under the programs in social science students can also learn different religions and cultures, sociology, political science, etc.

Courses Under Social Science

Benefits of pursuing a degree in Social Sciences

Social science is a vast field of study. As mentioned above, it has several courses under its umbrella for students to choose and pursue the one they find the best suitable to their interests. However, these are not the only benefits the field of social sciences offers.

People studying social science are able to combine their degrees in social sciences to pursue dual majors. For example, a student studying bachelor's in anthropology can pursue a joint degree of anthropology and philosophy, if the university has those options available. This gives the student an edge to their career and allows them to widen their prospects.

Additionally, there are a vast number of career options in this field as mentioned above. To know more about the career prospects and fields that students can pursue, check Career options below.

Undergraduate in Social Science

Students who are interested in pursuing a career in social science have to first pursue an undergraduate degree in any of the above-mentioned areas of studies. The degree can be taken as a double degree or a single degree. The entry requirements do not require prior knowledge of social science but would need to show expertise in the area of basic subjects such as English, Math, and probably social science.

Postgraduate in Social Science

As for postgraduate degrees, they are usually aligned with the undergraduate degree. Students will be able to choose a master's in the same subject they completed their undergraduate degree in. However, it is important to note that postgraduate degrees have a more concentrated entry requirement.

Popular Universities for Social Science

Harvard University

Harvard University offers programs in Social Sciences at an undergraduate level, postgraduate level, and at doctoral level. This department comes under the Liberal Arts and Sciences section within the university which has subsections like Arts and Humanities, Sciences, Social Sciences, and Engineering and Applied Sciences. The core concentrations offered under Social Sciences are-

Columbia University

Columbia University has a division of Social Science which contains centers like the Center on African-American Religion Sexual Politics & Social Justice, The Herbert H. Lehman Center for American History, Columbia Center for Archaeology, The Center on Capitalism and Society, Center for Contemporary Black History, etc. and the departments that come under the Social Sciences are-

Duke University

The Social Sciences section contains different fields of study in the Duke University especially for candidates who are joining for an undergraduate degree. It focuses on human behavior, cultural changes and other social factors. The departments that come under this field are-

University of Michigan

University of Michigan contains the fields of Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences under their research programs in Literature, Science, and the Arts. The departments under Social Sciences are-

University of Pennsylvania

The Social Science section of the University of Pennsylvania is one of the top 5 universities in the country that is offering different majors under the field. The majors offered under this section are-

Career Options

Apart from various career options as mentioned above in sub-courses, a graduate holder in Social Sciences can join the following fields: According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a growth rate of 5% on jobs is anticipated in the Social Science field from 2019-2029. The annual average salary of people who pursue a master's degree in Social Sciences is between $41,000 to $70,000.