Theology is the study of religions. It provides insights into the meaning of life. One can also decide to broaden his interest by studying more than one religion and even study the consequences, religions had on history. A person studying Theology can also analyze the nature of religions. It's a diverse and broad subject with several career options to offer in the USA.

    Career options
    There are various career options that are available in the USA as per the line of interest of the students. Students opting for a career in Theology should realize it would also be a way of life for them. They need to put in working hours on occasions and be devoted to their tasks. Below are some of the opportunities that students might assume when pursuing Theology.
    Salary in theology career depends on the position you hold. As per recent reports, a clergy member can earn an average of $42,000 to $44,000 annually, while religious directors can make as much as $36000.

    Places to be
    Some of the most sought after places in the US for the Theology are Arizona, Virginia, Florida, Washington, Michigan, and Iowa.

    Growth Outlook
    According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a growth rate of 15% on jobs is anticipated for a postsecondary teacher from 2008-2018. The Job growth rate for religious activities directors and clergy members, including spiritual leaders is expected to rise by 7-13% in the years from 2008-2018.

    General admission requirements
    Generally, to get admission in an undergraduate program for Theology, a high school diploma would be okay. For graduate programs, a completion of a bachelor's degree program is required; also, there are a few schools, which would only take students who have studied Theology. Sometimes, students are expected to showcase their previous Ministry experience and a dedication to the Church to get admitted into a theological degree program. In case, someone wants to pursue a Master's in Theology; he needs to have a Masters Degree in Divinity. For students, who want to pastors, missionaries or seminarians would just require an undergraduate degree in Theology though. A Bachelors degree takes about 3-5 years to complete.

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