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Last Updated: July 25, 2021

Top Programs for Education

When it comes to taking up a course for higher education, candidates will often be focusing on their own interests and future career prospects. But at the same time, after choosing a course of their interest, it is important to choose the right institution for their study if they need to excel in the field. In the field of education, there are plenty of institutions all over the country offering both bachelor’s and master’s programs in the course.

Out of these, there are a select few institutions that made it to the top of the field in imparting necessary knowledge to their students and ensuring a bright career prospect for them. Studying in the topmost institutions can let students mingle with peers who are equally motivated as them and also gives them the opportunity of engaging themselves with exemplary professors in the field thereby enhancing their knowledge and drive to excel in the field.

Top 5 Institutions for Education

The top-ranked institutions for doing a master’s in education are as follows-

University of California- Berkeley

The University of California offers different MA and Ph.D. programs along with Professional programs under education. Their professional courses include Teacher Preparation MA, Leadership Programs MA, Clear ASC, & EdD along with School Psychology Ph.D. They also offer undergraduate programs and additional degree programs like the Intersection of Sport and Education for aspiring students. The application fee for MA programs is $120 and the estimated in-state tuition fee is $13,500 per year whereas their out-of-state tuition fee is $20,000 per year.

University of Pennsylvania

This campus offers Ph.D., EdD, and MSc, along with MSc in Education and MPhil in Education. Their main focus is on shaping students to fit leadership roles in the educational sector. The graduate programs here are full-time in nature and costs $1,800 per credit. They have courses under fields like Educational Linguistics, Educational Policy, Higher Education, Human Development & Quantitative Methods, and Literacy, Culture, and International Education among others. Each of these divisions has different courses under them from which candidates can choose their course according to the field of study they want to specialize in.

University of California- Los Angeles

The University of California in Los Angeles offers undergraduate programs, academic degrees like MA and Ph.D., Professional degrees like Med and EdD along Professional Leadership Development. They also offer certificate courses for students who require them for career purposes. Their professional degrees are under titles like Educational Leadership Program, Student Affairs, Teacher Education Program, etc. The academic degrees come under titles like Higher Education and Organizational Change, Social Sciences, and Comparative Education, etc. The application fee ranges from $120 to $140 for candidates for this year.

University of Wisconsin- Madison

This university offers undergraduate programs, graduate programs, and summer term programs to students in the field of education. They have undergraduate programs like Special Education, Elementary Education, and Educational Studies. Their graduate programs are from fields like Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, Educational Policy Studies, and Educational Psychology. The graduate programs have an estimated tuition fee of $12,500 for resident students and $26,000 for non-resident students.

Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University has a Peabody College of Education and Human Development where they offer undergraduate and graduate programs under the field of education. They offer undergraduate programs like Human and Organizational Development, Child Development, Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, etc. Their graduate programs are for courses like Educational Policy, Elementary Education, Higher Education Administration, etc. the tuition fee for master’s programs is estimated to be $40,000 with every credit hour charged at $2,100.

List of Top Institutions for Education

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