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Last Updated: May 29, 2022

Best Programs for Hospitality Management in the US

Hospitality management is one of the most prominent degrees one can take within the service industry. The leisure and hospitality industry lets candidates manage institutions like hotels, restaurants, clubs, casinos, etc. depending on their field of interest. Since it is an ever-growing industry, one will never run out of career options and each career option in this path will have growth potential both locally and internationally.

Students who take up this field will have to deal with food and beverage preparation and management along with other business skills like marketing, financing, human resource management, PR, entrepreneurship, etc. depending on their chosen profession. Candidates will have to acquire both hard and soft skills within the field to thrive and achieve their goals. They will be able to create a wide network if they stay in this profession which will come in handy even if they wish to switch careers.

Benefits of Studying Hospitality Management in the US

The benefits of studying hospitality management include the maximum utilization of the growth potential a candidate will have within their chosen career. Candidates will be able to get different networking opportunities starting from when they choose the hospitality program. While one will have to study food and beverage management and preparation in detail, the primary focus will be on business management skills to help them manage the hospitality business.

The field offers candidates opportunities of working in both local and international setups. They will also be able to interact with clients from different nationalities and help them understand the local culture better. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, there is a job outlook of 69 million jobs within this sector in 2021 which will mostly be provided to candidates with a degree in the field of study. Studying in the US will allow candidates to get the best education and credentials that are internationally acclaimed within the field. This will in turn provide them with the opportunity of advancing their career options easily.

Popular Courses for Hospitality Management

A few of the popular subjects that one will have to learn if they take a degree in hospitality management include-

Cost of Studying Hospitality Management

When compared to countries like Switzerland which offer top-ranking hospitality management programs, studying a degree in this field can be expensive in the US. This is mainly because the program will often include multiple internships and other projects that will be done outside the campus. Most universities will also offer placement options for exemplary students.

The cost of studying an undergraduate program in the subject is estimated to be around $29,000 per year if one is to study in a private institution. This can be considerably lower if one does the program in a public university. The cost of studying a master’s program will vary according to the specialization offered for the course and the university in which one has taken up the course. This can range between $10,000 to $30,000 on average but it can even be as high as $90,000 based on the credibility of the institution.

Top Universities for Hospitality Management

The best universities where one can take hospitality management programs are-
UniversitiesLocationIn-State FeeOut-of-State Fee
Cornell UniversityIthaca, New York$90,000$90,000
New York University New York City$47,000$47,000
Boston University Boston, Massachusetts$58,500$58,500
University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, Illinois$17,000$34,000
University of Georgia Athens, Georgia$12,000$31,000
The Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio$12,000$35,000
Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana$10,000$29,000
Florida State University Tallahassee, Florida$6,500$22,000
Syracuse University Onondaga County, New York$57,000$57,000
Georgia Washington University Washington, D.C.$60,000$60,000

Best Hospitality Management Programs in the US

A few of the best hospitality management programs in the US include-

Master of Management in Hospitality- Cornell University

This program is among the top programs in hospitality management internationally with a duration of 3 semesters. Students will also have to complete a summer internship after the official 3 semesters of the program. The fee for the program is around $30,000 per semester. The subjects included in the program are finance, accounting, services marketing, management communications, etc. Students will also have to build their network by attending multiple special events. They will be able to choose from concentrations like-

MS in Global Hospitality Management- New York University

This program requires candidates to complete 36 credit hours out of which 18 will be electives. The main focus of the program is on subject areas like business analytics, new technologies, and entrepreneurship. Students will also be required to complete internships as part of the program. The curriculum includes subjects like trends in travel and tourism, data analytics, business communication, financial analysis, design thinking, etc. The electives offered include- The estimated fee per semester is around $23,500 for all graduate programs at this university.

Master of Management in Hospitality- Boston University

This is n accelerated master’s program offered by Boston University. Candidates will be able to complete the program in 1 year if they do it in the full-time mode and it will take them 2 years if one is to include international classes and internships. The course has 32 credits in all and candidates will compulsorily have to complete an experiential work in the hospitality field to complete the program. The concentrations that are offered include- The fee for the entire program is around $58,500.

BS in Food Science & Human Nutrition- University of Illinois

Candidates who take a BS degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition will be able to take Hospitality Management as their concentration. This concentration will allow them to learn about food science, food management, nutrition, sanitation, dining facilities, etc. Candidates will have to complete 35 credit hours for course completion. The estimated fee for the program is around $17,000 for in-state students and $34,000 for out-of-state students.

Major in Hospitality and Food Industry Management- UGA

Candidates will be able to take a degree in the Hospitality and Food Industry from the University of Georgia. They will be learning about subjects like club management, agritourism, marketing, human resource management, economics, accounting, etc. as part of the course. The elective courses offered as part of the program include- The estimated fee for the program here for in-state students is $12,000 and that for out-of-state students is $31,000.

BS in Hospitality Management-Ohio State University

This program allows students to learn about hospitality marketing, branding, beverage management, service management, etc. The curriculum for the program includes hotel systems management, food production & management, hospitality marketing, casino operations, strategic management, principles of tourism, etc. The estimated fee for in-state students is around $12,000 whereas that for out-of-state students is around $35,000.

MS in Hospitality and Tourism Management- Purdue University

This program has a duration of 2 years and candidates will be able to choose from a thesis and non-thesis option where the former is for research-oriented candidates and the latter is for career-oriented candidates. The non-thesis option of the program is considered to be competitive with an MBA in the field. The estimated fee for in-state students is around $10,000 whereas that for out-of-state students is $29,000.

Career Opportunities in Hospitality Management

Studying hospitality management allows candidates to take up different professions within the service sector. The projected growth within this industry is an increase of at least 1 million jobs to 15.7 million jobs between the years 2014 to 2024. And the World Travel and Tourism Council has even predicted a job outlook of over 69 million jobs in this sector from around the world. Most of the jobs within this field will require candidates to have a degree or certification. Work experience is also a vital component for better career prospects. This is why most educational institutions offer multiple internship options and real-time projects that can be considered work experience before one completes the course.

A few of the career options one can pursue in this field include-

Popular Courses

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